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Transgender Day of Visibility: Rory

Rory Blundell works with Australia’s largest LGBTI youth organisation as their Stand Out Co-ordinator. He also played a huge role in creating a revolutionary social tool to support LGBTI youth who fear coming out to family and friends. Proud 2 Play is a huge fan of Rory’s work, and we love that he stresses how important being involved in sport is for not just your physical wellbeing, but also for mental health. What pronouns do you use? He/Him How are you involved in sport or physical activity? Sport and physical activity has always been a big part of my life and something that is incredibly important to my mental health and wellbeing. I played soccer for over 11 years and also played a vari

Transgender Day of Visibility: Kal

Proud 2 Play first met Kal at our All Inclusive Cricket Sessions at Parkville Youlden Cricket Club, and he has been a great friend to Proud 2 Play ever since. Proud 2 Play has felt so honoured to be able to support Kal and help him return to sport at a community level. As Kal recounts in his answers, there’s plenty that needs to be done to help welcome people like Kal into their clubs and support them on their sporting journey. What pronouns do you use? He/Him How are you involved in sport or physical activity? I’m not currently involved in any sports, as I haven’t found any clubs or teams where I have felt comfortable and accepted. However, I would love to be able to play soccer, AFL and i

Transgender Day of Visibility: Jordan

As a board member of Proud 2 Play Jordan is a very integral part of Proud 2 Play’s operations. She is currently working in the policy and research for Transgender rights. Her knowledge and lived experiences are a huge asset to Proud 2 Play, and we are so excited to get to hear from her in the lead up to Transgender Day of Visibility about her experiences in sport and physical activity. What pronouns do you use? She/Her How are you involved in sport or physical activity? I played badminton pretty much through all my teen years, but these days I’m an occasional squash player and an obsessed boulderer. I climb as much as I can – up to four times a week, but sadly I can’t go as often now that I

Q&A with Stand Out Cup founder Mark Beecham

This weekend the second Stand Out Cup will be held at Hawthorn Hockey ground on Sunday the 26th of March. Inspired by similar initiatives tackling pride in sport, Mark Beecham started the Stand Out Cup to combat homophobia, transphobia and biphobia in hockey. The annual event culminates in a match between Old Xaverians Hockey Club and Toorak East Malvern Hockey Club with all money raised going to charity Minus18. Proud 2 Play caught up with Mark to discuss why he started the Stand Out Cup, why it was important to include hockey in the conversation, and the future for LGBTQI sportspeople. Why did you want to start an event like the Stand Out Cup? We decided to start the Stand Out Cup because

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