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Proud 2 Play on World Radio Day 2018

PRESENTED BY PAUL HUNT James Lolicato from Proud2Play spoke with The Mag. Lolicato believes that by creating opportunities for LGBTQI+ young people, their allies, families and friends to participate in sport, exercise, leisure and active recreation, it contributes to several other important agendas within young LGBTQI+ populations; physical health, mental wellbeing, and social connectedness. PLAY AUDIO ONLINE

Support group for parent of trans kids in Australia helps ten new families a week.

Amidst the Safe Schools debate, Parents of Gender Diverse Children was born, a group helping to support young trans and gender diverse Australians and their families. Matthew Wade reports. Soon after the Safe Schools program gained wider recognition in Australia, it came under fire from conservative news outlets and parents alike. The Australian suggested the program would indoctrinate children as young as six into some sort of queer, genderless utopia, while the Australian Christian Lobby tried to instil fear in parents that it would teach them about radical sex. To help combat this phobia, a group of parents got together to help form a support group for those who have trans or gender diver

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