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Climbing QTs



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Climbing QTs


ClimbingQTs is about community. Yes we love the outdoors and we love pulling on plastic too! But at the heart of what we aim to do is hold a space for all humans, regardless of their gender, sexuality or identity to feel comfortable, welcome and safe to be themselves within the climbing community at the crag, at the gym and everywhere in between.

By joining ClimbingQTs you are joining a movement that slowly but surely will shift how we participate, spectate, coach, work, train and play in climbing.

To ensure we can stay on track with what we have pledged to do, our key focus areas are:

Inclusion: To foster and normalize inclusive spaces, ClimbingQTs will facilitate activities from all aspects of climbing including indoor and outdoor activities that share this message.

Visibility: To build an understanding of LGBTQ+ people in the broader climbing community and to build resilience to expand self-respect of non-normative gender and sexual identities, ClimbingQTs will showcase, profile, elevate diverse LGBTQ+ identities in climbing.

Access: To ensure all humans can access the physical and mental health benefits of climbing, ClimbingQTs events will always endeavor to be as physically and financially accessible as possible. Where there are limitations beyond our control, we acknowledge that climbing can be a physically demanding and expensive activity and through initiatives will aim to reduce these barriers.

Education: To raise awareness of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities and their unique contributions to our community, ClimbingQTs will engage in conversation and offer consultation and training sessions for anyone willing to learn how to be an ally without judgement or prejudice. We are all on this journey together.


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