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Your help is vital in allowing us to pursue our vision and mission.

By donating to Proud 2 Play, you are supporting the inclusion of LGBTI+ people in sport and recreation across Australia. Your generosity will allow us to continue working with the sport and recreating sector, and the LGBTI+ community, to ensure LGBTI+ people can experience and enjoy sport and recreation as their true and authentic selves. 

Proud 2 Play focuses on increasing LGBTIQ+ engagement in sport, exercise and active recreation. We work with all levels of the sporting community, from individual participants and grassroots communities, to state and national sporting organisations. We seek to encourage LGBTIQ+ people (as well as their allies, friends and families) to participate and engage in sport and exercise by providing structured opportunities and pathways for them to do so. Engagement is not limited to just actively participating in sport; the physical, mental and social benefits of sport should be experienced by active participants, volunteers, coaches and officials.

Climbing Wall Seen from above

Many LGBTIQ+ people have had negative experiences in sport and recreation settings and our aim is to change that. Safe and welcoming environments are key to engaging and maintaining participants in activities. Your donation will support the delivery of education and support to local clubs and community organisations that ordinarily cannot afford to do this themselves. This will ensure they have the knowledge and understanding to make their clubs, programs and spaces inclusive of all LGBTIQ+ people.


Proud 2 Play run a number of events throughout the year for our LGBTIQ+ community and the sports industry. Examples of such events include managing the Midsumma Carnival Sports Precinct and the annual Lawn Bowls Pride event in recognition of Wear it Purple Day. These events give people the opportunity to enjoy new sport and recreation opportunities, give Victoria's LGBTQI+ clubs the chance to attract new members and provide places for the sports and LGBTQI+ communities to unite. Your support will help support the delivery of our events and may just help someone discover a new passion for sport they didn't know they had!

What impact will my donation have?


Introduction to LGBTIQ+ education sessions held for sports clubs


Engagements with the Proud 2 Play Resources Hub


Sports organisations engaged with Rainbow Roadmap programs


Participants in our Inclusive Leadership training program

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