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Melbourne Smashers



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Melbourne Smashers


We're a friendly gay badminton club, always looking for new players so if you'd like to come along and play a bit of badminton you'd be very welcome. We have a good mix of abilities and there is no expectation of ability, it's all about having a run around and having a bit of fun.

For further details about us, and to check our playing times, please go to
Please note that if you do wish to play with us you need to register for every session. Further details can be found at our website

Here is the link to MSAC for details about location and parking -

E-mail -

Melbourne Smashers are lucky enough to have some great sponsors that regularly support our Club. These include, Hamsptead Dental, Cabinet Bar and Balcony, Golden Gate Hotel, Mountain Goat Brewery, Balcombe Dental and many others.

You can find more information about Hampstead Dental at
and check out their Facebook page at


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