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Melbourne Spectres



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Melbourne Spectres


The Melbourne Spectres Gay and Lesbian Basketball Club provides all members of the community, regardless of age, skill level or sexual orientation, with a supportive and socially inclusive environment to participate as part of a GLBTI friendly basketball club. The club caters for individuals of all ages and skill levels with opportunities to develop their athletic ability, compete as part of a team, and socialise with like-minded individuals, that have a passion for basketball and commitment to the club’s core principles of social inclusion and improved fitness and skill levels.

General Information

The first gay and lesbian basketball club was founded under the banner of Sydney Spectres in 2001 with the first team participating in the 2002 Sydney Gay Games. It is from those humble beginnings, the Spectres have grown into a respected GLBTI sporting organisation proven both within Australia and on a internationally front.

The Melbourne Spectres is a chapter to the original Sydney Spectres and aims to establish and build on the same vision and values embraced by all member and supporters of the community.

Currently as the Melbourne Spectres is only in its humble beginnings the club is looking to provide the opportunity for interested individuals that are interested in a social round of basketball and / or socialising aspects to be the brave forefathers of this chapter so I put forward the challenge for this within the Melbourne community. I look forward to hearing and meeting with you all.


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