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Proud 2 Play’s mission is to ensure all LGBTI+ people feel safe and confident to lead healthy and active lifestyles in inclusive environments.

Sport and exercise are part of the fabric of Australian society. The physical, mental and social benefits of participation in sport are immense, and everyone in society should have the right to participate in sport free from discrimination. However, research has shown that 80% of people have witnessed or experienced discrimination in sport on the basis of sexuality and fewer LGBTI+ people participate in sport their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts.

No longer should sport be seen as a place where people don’t feel welcome based on their sexuality or gender identity. Proud 2 Play are here to encourage LGBTI+ people to lead active and healthy lifestyles through participation in sport, exercise, leisure and active recreation. Proud 2 Play actively work with the LGBTI+ community, sporting clubs and state and national sporting organisations to create participation opportunities, remove barriers and

tackle discrimination and hostility in the sporting arena in order to make sport a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

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