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Rainbow Ready Clubs Expression of Interest

Interested in helping your club become Rainbow Ready?

The Rainbow Roadmap has been developed to support sports clubs on the path to becoming rainbow ready.

Drawing on research, lived experience and industry expertise, this program is for any sports club that wants to create safe and inclusive practices and spaces for its players, volunteers, officials, fans and any other club stakeholders.

Thank you! We'll be in contact soon

The path to becoming a Rainbow Ready sporting club

1. ASSESS - assessment and audit of where the organisation currently is at, regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion in their organisation and sport.
2. EDUCATE - organisation undertakes training and education to increase knowledge of LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
3. CONSULT - organisation to undertake community consultation to understand the experiences and needs of the LGBTIQ+ people within their sport and organisation.
4. ENGAGE - organisation to engage with activities and practices related to LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
5. ENACT - organisations to enact LGBTIQ+ inclusive practices, processes, and policies across the organisation and adopt as core everyday business.
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