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Sound research underpins everything we do.

There is a growing body of research documenting the state of LGBTI+ inclusion in sport in Australia and internationally, the benefits of participation and challenges organisations may be faced with when creating inclusive environments. Proud 2 Play believe in the power of using evidence-based research to underpin our actions and regularly conduct this research in conjunction with sporting organisations and universities. These informed actions, combined with observations from within Australian society, give Proud 2 Play the best chance of success in working towards LGBTI+ inclusion in sport.

Key messages from the research include:

  • 80% of all sports participants in Australia have experienced or witnessed discrimination on the basis of sexuality [1]

  • More than half of all transgender people, a quarter of males and 10% of females avoided playing sports they would like to play because of their sexuality or gender identity [2]

  • Nearly half of all sports participants aren’t out as sexuality or gender diverse to their sporting peers [2]

  • Athletic departments with a proactive diversity strategy and high sexual orientation diversity outperform their less proactive peers [3]

  • While sporting clubs may describe diversity broadly, its implementation is usually narrow [4]

  • Community demographics and changing social opinion drive commitment and resistance to diversity in sporting clubs [5]

  • Individual champions within sporting clubs are common drivers of diversity [5]


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