Disability Sport and Rec partner with Proud 2 Play in inclusion revolution

Proud 2 Play are excited to announce a new partnership with Disability Sport and Recreation. Disability Sport & Recreation have been successfully driving change for people living with a disability to participate in sport and recreation.

Both organisations are committed to seeing all of a person and recognise that for some, there is more than one barrier to their involvement and enjoyment in activities many people take for granted.

Through this partnership we hope to better understand the intersectionality between disability, gender and sexuality and become a champion for change at all levels.

“The work Proud 2 Play are doing to educate and support community clubs to provide safe and inclusive environments is incredibly important and we are excited to support their vision through the formalisation of this MOU,’ said Richard Amon, CEO, Disability Sport & Recreation.

“Our partnership will provide reciprocal training opportunities for staff, which will deliver enormous benefits for both of our organisations.”

“Disability Sport and Recreation have been leaders in the inclusion space for many years. We are excited to be able to share our knowledge to advance the diversity and understanding of both organisations thus creating safer spaces for our communities to participate in sport and recreation. This partnership shows that we can work together to understand our participants needs.”

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