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Education is one of the most powerful tools for equipping people with the capacity to promote LGBTI+ inclusion in sport. Proud 2 Play have a long history of providing education around LGBTI+ inclusion to over 50 clubs, sporting associations, local governments and at physical education teacher groups. Topics covered in our education sessions include the basics around LGBTI+ inclusion, how to identify and respond to discrimination or harassment, and marketing and media strategies for handling LGBTI+ issues.

Group education delivered to employees and community members from leading state and national sporting organisations

E-learning course development for sports community members and school health and physical education teachers

Annual physical education teacher forum (supported by City of Stonnington and Inner East Local Learning and Employment Network)

Download our Education Guide Here

Through inclusive policy review and development, Proud 2 Play are able to create positive change within sporting organisations from the top down. We have supported over 30 sporting organisations to make steps to review inclusion in their policies to better support the LGBTI+ community. A leadership team a standard for inclusion through inclusive policy has a flow on effect throughout organisations; it sends a powerful message to the LGBTI+ community that these are safe environments to be in, and it provides opportunities for participants, coaches and volunteers to learn about inclusive practices in an environment they know they will be supported.

Advisors to VEOHRC Trans and Gender Diverse Sport Guidelines 2018

Advisors to AHRC and Sport Aus and Gender Diverse Sport Guidelines 2018/19

Advisor and Authors Cricket Victoria Trans and Gender Diverse Participation Guidelines

Great policy creates positive change.


The Rainbow Roadmap

​Sport, recreation, and gym settings have long been seen as unsafe spaces for large numbers of the LGBTIQ+ communities. Leading to a lack of engagement in the first instance and a higher dropout rate over time. These communities are at higher risk of health inequalities and are unlikely to return to an activity or setting that has resulted in negative experiences

The Rainbow Roadmap has been developed to support organisations on the path to becoming rainbow ready.

Drawing on research, lived experience and industry expertise, this program is for any organisation that wants to create safe and inclusive practices and spaces for its employees and participants/clientele.

1 in 10 people identify as part of the LGBTIQ+ community yet 42% of those who identify are not open in social settings.

The opportunity for your organisation.

Be at the forefront of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport and recreation

Create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved in and connected to your organisation to feel safe, welcome and accepted.

Attract and retain people from the LGBTIQ+ communities within all aspects of your organisation.

Demonstrate leadership in Diversity and Inclusion

Promote being Rainbow Ready across your marketing

Show your support to the LGBTIQ+ communities (the estimated purchasing power of the Australian LGBTIQ+ community is $100 billion)

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