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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are inspiring individuals from various facets of the sporting world, each with a unique story, who champion LGBTQI+ inclusion and embody the spirit of Proud 2 Play in every step they take.

Our Ambassadors

Our Proud 2 Play Ambassadors are champions of LGBTQI+ inclusivity in sports, hailing from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Available for speaking engagements, they bring unique perspectives and inspiring stories to events, reinforcing a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Alexandra Viney with rowing boat and equipment

Alexandra Viney, a Paralympian and an active member of the LGBTQI+ community, passionately addresses intersectionality and the barriers faced by individuals within both these communities. Renewing her ambassadorship with Proud 2 Play, she fervently works towards fostering a sports environment that respects and supports the whole person, enabling everyone to participate at their best.

Alexandra Viney

Australian Paralympian Rower


"If you're not actively engaging, having conversations and learning how to be inclusive & welcoming to people in the community, then we have a stalled feeling where we have to be aware of what part of us we are putting forward instead of just feeling completely comfortable & accepted in the environment."

Alexandra Viney

"If I could go back and speak to my younger self, I would... remind myself that every giant leap I was too afraid to take would one day look smaller, and that my queerness would become something that brings both strength and joy to my life."

Campbell Harrison

Campbell Harrison climbing an indoor rock wall

Campbell Harrison, a dedicated climber for over 16 years, champions the cause of diverse inclusivity in the sport he cherishes. As a Proud 2 Play ambassador, he endeavors to be a visible and proud LGBTQI+ role model for budding athletes, rejecting societal norms to shape a more inclusive athletic community.

Campbell Harrison

Australian Champion Climber


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