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Local Government Hub

A comprehensive resource for the local government and councils, offering a wide range of services and resources to help you achieve your local government goals and objectives in creating a more inclusive and diverse sporting community.

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Proud 2 Play's Local Government Hub is a comprehensive resource for the local government and councils, offering a wide range of services and resources to help you achieve your local government goals and objectives in creating a more inclusive and diverse sporting community.

Our Local Government Hub provides information on education sessions, policy support, consulting services, and workshop offerings, all that can be done partnership with  local government and councils. Our team of dedicated experts is available to provide advice, support, and guidance to ensure that your organisation is equipped with the tools and knowledge to promote inclusivity in all aspects of the sporting world.

We believe that everyone should have access to the lifelong benefits of sport and recreation, and we can work together to achieve this vision. So let's join forces to create a more inclusive and vibrant sports industry that benefits your local community!

Proud 2 Play is dedicated to empowering local governments through our in-depth educational programs, promoting LGBTQI+ inclusion across all facets of sport. We delve into an array of topics, encompassing foundational principles of LGBTQI+ inclusion, strategies to combat discrimination, and effective ways to navigate LGBTQI+ issues in marketing and media. Tailoring our programs to the nuanced needs of local governments ensures that our content is always relevant, insightful, and actionable. Whether engaging with sports clubs, professional associations, corporate bodies, or physical education teachers, our courses range from broad introductory sessions to specific modules on trans and gender diverse inclusion. For those seeking detailed pricing structures and potential group rates, we welcome direct enquiries.

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Education & Workshops

The Rainbow Sports Alliance is a groundbreaking initiative in Australia that brings together local governments, clubs, and state & national sporting associations, all committed to creating an inclusive sporting environment. This alliance encourages collaboration among its members, supported by Proud 2 Play's educational resources, to address the challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals in sports. As a member, organisations have access to practical workshops, training sessions, and outreach programs, all designed to promote equality and diversity in sports. By joining the Rainbow Sports Alliance, organisations take a tangible step towards fostering understanding and equal opportunities within their sporting community.

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Rainbow Sports Alliance

Proud 2 Play's Rainbow Roadmap program provides a structured five-step approach tailored for local governments to support inclusive sports clubs in their areas. The program begins by evaluating a club's existing LGBTQI+ inclusion measures, then designs specific educational resources to address any shortcomings. A key component of the program is involving the community, particularly LGBTQI+ individuals and allies, in shaping a more inclusive sporting culture. By endorsing the Rainbow Roadmap, local governments can significantly contribute to creating a sporting environment where everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport and recreation, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality.

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Rainbow Roadmap

Proud 2 Play is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, can confidently participate in sports and recreation. Our consulting services for local governments draw from our experienced team's knowledge in diversity and inclusion, offering custom strategies to promote inclusivity and tackle obstacles. Available both in major urban areas and remote regions of Australia, our offerings include in-depth training, policy evaluations, and practical recommendations. Through collaboration with Proud 2 Play, local governments can deepen their understanding of LGBTQI+ challenges and positively influence athletes, coaches, and fans, working towards an equitable sporting environment.

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