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Sports Industry Hub

A comprehensive resource for the sports industry, providing a wide range of services and resources to help create a more inclusive and diverse sporting community

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The Sport Industry Hub is a comprehensive resource for the sports industry, providing a wide range of services and resources to help create a more inclusive and diverse sporting community. The Sport Industry Hub offers information on education sessions, policy support, consulting services and workshop offerings.

Our team of dedicated experts is available to provide advice, support and guidance to ensure that your organisation is equipped with the tools and knowledge to promote inclusivity in all aspects of the sporting world.

We believe that everyone should have access to the lifelong benefits of sport and recreation, and the Sport Industry Hub is a crucial tool in helping us achieve that goal. Join us in creating a more inclusive and vibrant sports industry today!

Proud 2 Play is a premier advocate for LGBTQI+ inclusion in sports, reaching over 50 clubs, associations, local governments, and teacher groups with comprehensive education programs. Our educational offerings range from foundational introductions to LGBTQI+ inclusion and understanding trans and gender diverse inclusion, to combating discrimination and crafting inclusive media strategies.


These programs are delivered both in-person and online to a diverse range of entities, including sports clubs, professional associations, corporations, and allied health settings. We ensure our education is tailored to the needs of the audience, whether it's athletes seeking to become allies or physical education teachers wanting to foster more inclusive environments.

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The Rainbow Sports Alliance is a pioneering Australian membership program uniting local governments, clubs, and state & national sporting associations to foster inclusivity in sport, irrespective of sexuality, gender identity or expression. Members gain access to Proud 2 Play's wealth of resources, workshops, and outreach programs, designed to foster understanding, eliminate barriers, and ensure equal sporting opportunities for all. Together, we're empowering athletes and allies, celebrating diversity, and creating a vibrant, inclusive sporting community

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Rainbow Sports Alliance

The Rainbow Roadmap program is an innovative 5-step framework empowering sports organisations to create affirming, inclusive opportunities for LGBTQI+ individuals to fully participate in sport and active recreation. Starting with an in-depth assessment of an organisation's existing inclusivity practices, it further provides tailored educational resources, encourages community consultations and engagement, and ensures ongoing expert support from Proud 2 Play. This comprehensive program ensures a systematic journey towards a diverse, inclusive sporting environment where all individuals can thrive and enjoy the lasting benefits of active participation..

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Rainbow Roadmap

Proud 2 Play provides comprehensive policy advice, aiding sporting organisations in fostering positive change from the top down. We have assisted over 45 organisations in enhancing their policies for better LGBTQI+ inclusivity, establishing a powerful message of safety and support. Our advisory role has included contributions to significant guidelines like the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission's Trans and Gender Diverse Sport Guidelines and Cricket Victoria's Trans and Gender Diverse Participation Guidelines. Our mission is to create environments where every participant, coach, volunteer, and staff member feels safe, included, and supported.

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Policy Advice

Proud 2 Play's bespoke consulting services are dedicated to enhancing LGBTQI+ inclusion across the sports sector, promoting equal participation opportunities for all. With a team of experts seasoned in diversity and inclusion, we collaborate with sports entities of all sizes to tailor strategies that create an inclusive environment. Our services span from comprehensive training to policy reviews and strategic recommendations, aiming to dismantle barriers and celebrate diversity. By aligning with Proud 2 Play, organisations can enhance their LGBTQI+ understanding and effect positive changes for athletes, coaches, and fans alike, irrespective of their size or scope.

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