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Resource Hub

Welcome to our Resource Hub Page, a dedicated space designed to support and empower sports clubs in fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Within the hub, you'll find a wealth of valuable resources, including an enlightening e-learning course, impactful inclusive posters, and a comprehensive collection of tools and tipsheets.


Our mission is to provide clubs with the essential knowledge and practical strategies to promote acceptance, diversity, and belonging within their communities. Together, let's create a positive and inclusive sporting culture where everyone feels welcome and can fully participate in the sports they love. Explore the resources today and embark on a journey towards a more inclusive future.

LGBTQI+ Inclusive Posters for Your Club

Our collection of LGBTQI+ inclusive posters are designed to visually and powerfully display your sports club's commitment to creating a safe space for all. These posters are a clear and concise way to communicate your club's stance against discrimination and your commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted.

Featuring both the Rainbow Flag and Transgender Flag, these posters not only symbolize your club's stand against homophobia and transphobia, but also demonstrate respect for and celebration of the diverse identities within the LGBTQI+ community. Display these in your clubroom or any common areas as a constant reminder of the inclusive culture your club promotes.

Safe Space Poster - Pride Flag

Safe Space Poster - Trans Flag

Safe Space Poster - Non-Binary Flag

No to Homophobia Poster - Pride Flag

No to Homophobia Poster - Trans Flag

No to Homophobia Poster - Non-Binary Flag

Creating an LGBTQI+ Inclusive Club Online Course

Our e-learning course is designed to empower sports clubs in Australia with the essential knowledge and understanding needed to foster a truly inclusive environment for the LGBTQI+ community. Created with the goal of fostering a culture of acceptance and belonging, the course sheds light on the importance of inclusion and the benefits it brings to sports clubs.

Not only does it educate about the challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals in sport, but it also equips you with practical strategies to overcome these hurdles and ensure everyone feels welcome in your club. To embark on this educational journey, you can access the course on the Play by the Rules website by clicking the link below

Course Contents

  • Inclusion of the LGBTQI+ community in your club fosters diversity and creates a welcoming environment. Recognising and embracing the varied sexualities, gender identities, and expressions enhances the club's culture, broadens perspectives, and can boost membership by attracting a wider range of participants.

  • Understanding and using inclusive language is vital in creating a respectful and accepting atmosphere. This course teaches how to appropriately address and refer to LGBTQI+ individuals, taking into consideration the terms they identify with, promoting a culture of respect and dignity.

  • The course helps participants identify potential barriers to LGBTQI+ participation, such as stereotypes or discriminatory practices, and provides strategies to address and eliminate these barriers. This ensures equal opportunities and an environment where everyone feels safe and accepted.

  • Creating an inclusive club culture requires commitment and a proactive approach. The course guides participants in assessing current club culture, implementing necessary changes, and fostering a space that encourages participation from LGBTQI+ individuals. Emphasis is placed on continual growth and adaptation to ensure the club remains open and inclusive.

Checklists, Templates & Tipsheets to Enhancing LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Sports Club

File Name



TIP SHEET: Tips for Engaging With the LGBTQI+ Community

Use this tip sheet for information on how you can better engage with the LGBTQI+ community.

TIP SHEET: Tips for Talking to Your Committee

Use this tip sheet for information on how you can talk to your club's committee about LGBTQI+ inclusion.

TEMPLATE: LGBTQI+ Inclusion Guidelines Template

This is a template for guidelines for the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in your club. The template has been developed in accordance with Sport Australia's guidelines for the inclusion of trans and gender diverse people in sport

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