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Education is one of the most powerful tools for equipping people with the capacity to promote LGBTI+ inclusion in sport. Proud 2 Play has a long history of providing education around LGBTI+ inclusion to over 50 clubs, sporting associations, local governments and movement settings. Some of the topics covered in our education sessions include the basics around LGBTI+ inclusion, how to identify and respond to discrimination or harassment, and marketing and media strategies for handling LGBTI+ issues. New courses for 2022 can be seen below.

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We Offer

Group education delivered to employees and community members from leading state and national sporting organisations.

Education that can be attended by individuals from your sporting organisation to keep your costs down while developing skills.

E-learning course development for sports community members and school health and physical education teachers.

Discount pricing on all training and education sessions for Proud 2 Play members.

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