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Rainbow Ready Clubs

Champion LGBTIQ+ Diversity and Inclusion in Your Sporting Community.

What is the Rainbow Ready Clubs Program?

A Supported Framework for Inclusion at all Clubs

Rainbow Ready Clubs is an innovative initiative designed to transform sports clubs into inclusive and supportive environments for LGBTIQ+ individuals. At its core, this program focuses on educating and guiding sports clubs to understand, embrace, and celebrate the diversity within the LGBTIQ+ community. The aim is to dismantle barriers that LGBTIQ+ athletes face and to foster a culture where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can participate in sports without fear of discrimination or exclusion.

The program involves a series of steps that clubs can undertake, starting from comprehensive education sessions that cover LGBTIQ+ inclusivity basics, to implementing policies that actively support and protect LGBTIQ+ members. It also includes community engagement strategies to ensure the voices and needs of LGBTIQ+ individuals are heard and respected. By providing tools and resources, Rainbow Ready Clubs helps sports organizations create a welcoming atmosphere, where respect and acceptance are the norms. Through this program, clubs not only become a sanctuary for LGBTIQ+ athletes but also leaders in promoting inclusivity in the wider sporting community.

Why should my club become Rainbow Ready?



of individuals have witnessed or experienced homophobia on the sports field



of trans people avoid playing sports they're interested in



of LGBTQI+ athletes are not out to their peers in sports



of LGBTQI+ people do not feel sport is safe or welcoming



of LGBTQI+ people feel the need to hide their true selves in public and community settings



of LGBTQ+ Victorians have faced unfair treatment based on their sexual orientation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The program is structured into various stages, each with its specific time commitment: Pre-Assessment (2 hours), Assessment (2 hours), Education (2 hours in session format and 4 hours in community of practice format), Consultation (3 hours), Engagement (3 hours), and Enactment, which is ongoing. These stages are designed to fit the unique schedule and pace of each club.

  • The duration of the Rainbow Ready Clubs program varies, typically ranging from 3 to 9 months. This timeframe depends on the resources available to your club and your specific needs, ensuring a flexible and effective approach to inclusivity.

  • The duration of the Rainbow Ready Clubs program varies, typically ranging from 3 to 9 months. This timeframe depends on the resources available to your club and your specific needs, ensuring a flexible and effective approach to inclusivity.

  • The primary prerequisite is a commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTIQ+ individuals. Beyond this, there are no specific requirements; clubs at any stage of their inclusivity journey are encouraged to apply.

  • Yes, EOIs are currently open for clubs looking to begin the program in Q1 2024. We welcome EOIs at all times, as different areas may have varying program start times and opportunities may arise with clubs completing or exiting the program.

  • Our program is highly adaptable to the specific needs and resources of each club. Whether you are a small community team or a larger organisation, we customise the program stages and their implementation to align with your club's unique environment and inclusivity goals.

  • During the Enactment stage, which is ongoing, clubs receive continuous support from our team. This includes follow-up consultations, additional training as needed, and assistance in addressing new challenges or opportunities for further inclusivity practices.

The Framework

The Rainbow Ready Clubs framework is meticulously designed to guide sports clubs through the transformative journey of becoming truly inclusive for the LGBTIQ+ community. This framework is built on a foundation of understanding and respect, encouraging clubs to delve deeper into the nuances of LGBTIQ+ experiences in the sporting world. It's not just about implementing policies; it's about nurturing an environment where LGBTIQ+ individuals feel genuinely valued and included. The framework operates on multiple levels, addressing both the visible and subtle aspects of inclusivity, from club culture and communication to member engagement and external representation.

Central to this framework is a holistic approach that interweaves education, policy development, and community engagement into the fabric of sports clubs. It’s designed to be dynamic and responsive, acknowledging that the journey towards inclusivity is ongoing and evolves as society’s understanding of LGBTIQ+ issues deepens. The framework encourages clubs to engage in self-reflection and continuous learning, fostering an atmosphere where feedback from LGBTIQ+ members is not just welcomed but actively sought. By adopting this framework, sports clubs embark on a meaningful path that not only enhances their inclusivity but also sets a precedent for excellence and equality in sports.

Stage 1 - Assessment

Proud 2 Play will assess the organisation using a toolkit developed based on research findings and provide direction on where areas of focus should be within each action area. This toolkit assesses the organisation’s policies, procedure, facility, social media, marketing and culture through an observational audit.

Stage 2 - Education

After assessing where the organisation is at, staff and volunteers will embark on education and training. Training areas will be driven by the findings of the assessment process. A requirement of 4 education sessions per year over the length of the program.

Stage 3 - Consultation

The consultation stage involves organisation engaging with LGBTIQ+ people within your own sport, and those who may be outside of your sport (for example trans and gender diverse people). Consulting with LGBTIQ+ people means you can increase community outreach and engaging with the community you seek to serve and engage. Proud
2 Play will work with you to guide this outreach and provide you with a consultation process. This consultation will be used to support the development of your policies, programs and resources.

Stage 4 - Engagement

Engagement with LGBTIQ+ inclusion means engaging with days of significance (for example IDAHOBIT, Wear it Purple), engaging with
policies and practices, engaging with LGBTIQ+ organisations, or awareness campaigns. There are different ways to engage. In this program Proud 2 Play will work with you to create and implement a community engagement plan that meets the needs of your organisation and support you to develop your LGBTIQ+ inclusion policy or Trans and Gender Diverse inclusion policy.

Stage 5 - Enactment

Now your organisation has engaged in LGBTIQ+ inclusion through a variety of mediums, the policies, practices and values must be adopted and taken up across the organisation, whereby there is an institutional
commitment across the organisation to ensure that the organisation is rainbow ready. This may be helping other staff, volunteers and
participants to support LGBTIQ+ inclusion, addressing any concerns or resistance. Support and commitment may be expressed by volunteering or supporting LGBTIQ+ events (like Midsumma Festival), introducing a pride night/event/activity in the calendar, helping establish or create an advisory group etc. Proud 2 Play will support you to develop and provide resources and messaging to help support this process.

Our Partners

Our Rainbow Ready Club partners are indispensable in the journey towards creating inclusive sporting environments. These partners play a pivotal role in implementing the Rainbow Ready framework. 


By actively participating in the program, our partners not only help in shaping welcoming spaces for LGBTIQ+ individuals but also inspire others in the sporting community to follow suit. Their dedication and efforts are crucial in driving the success of the program, making sports a more inclusive, diverse, and accepting place for everyone.

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