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Help us create an Australia where all LGBTIQ+ folks can engage in sport and recreation without fear or discrimination. 


The Problem

Many LGBTIQ+ people are disengaged from sport and recreation, as these environments have not kept up with societal change.

Our Vision

An Australia where all LGBTIQ+ folks can engage in sport and recreation without fear or discrimination.

Our Purpose

Reduce social isolation, stigma, and discrimination of LGBTIQ+ folks through the power of sport and recreation to create safe and affirming spaces for participation.

What We Do

Sport and exercise are part of the fabric of Australian society. The physical, mental and social benefits of participation in sport are immense, and everyone in society should have the right to participate in sport free from discrimination. However, research has shown that 80% of people have witnessed or experienced discrimination in sport on the basis of sexuality and fewer LGBTI+ people participate in sport their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts.

No longer should sport be seen as a place where people don’t feel welcome based on their sexuality or gender identity. Proud 2 Play are here to encourage LGBTI+ people to lead active and healthy lifestyles through participation in sport, exercise, leisure and active recreation. Proud 2 Play actively work with the LGBTI+ community, sporting clubs and state and national sporting organisations to create participation opportunities, remove barriers and

tackle discrimination and hostility in the sporting arena in order to make sport a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

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How can we help you?

Sports Industry

Are you a national, state or regional sporting body? Are you a council that wants to build a more inclusive community? Or are you a leisure or recreation facility looking to embrace the LGBTIQ+ community?

Advice, education and support tailored to your needs is available.

Sports Clubs

Building an inclusive sports club should be easy with the right guidance. Proud 2 Play offers support for sports clubs of all sizes.

Check out our easy to use templates, posters, online courses and guides - or get in contact to get advice.


Every change starts with an individual. Are you looking to get active and get moving? Don't know what sport to choose? Do you want to be a stronger ally for LGBTIQ+ people in sport?

Being happy with being ourselves in sport is important, so we offer support that suits you.

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